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MusicNOW Celebrates Fifth Year, Announces 2010 Lineup - January 25, 2010

In 2006, Brassland co-founder Bryce Dessner (also known for his work in The National and Clogs) created the MusicNOW Festival in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, in order to highlight the work of contemporary musicians and artists "that take risks and do not fit neatly into categories." Held at Memorial Hall, MusicNOW has stayed true to its mission, inviting artists as eclectic as Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear, The Books, Bang on a Can All-Stars, and Kronos Quartet.

Earlier this month, MusicNOW announced their lineup for 2010. Running from Tuesday, March 30, through Thursday, April 1, the fifth incarnation of MusicNOW will feature Joanna Newsom, St. Vincent, Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) in a rare solo appearance, and yMusic, who will perform a festival-commissioned piece written by St. Vincent's Annie Clark.

Tickets, which cost $20 per concert or $50 for a three-day pass, are now available online here. If you prefer the old-fashioned way, you can call 1-800-838-3606.

To celebrate the festival's fifth anniversary, Each Note Secure compiled a history of the festival, including streaming video, pictures, and links to interviews. Some highlights we thought we'd post here, as well:

Sufjan Stevens plays "Lakes of Canada" on Memorial Hall's roof in 2007. (Video by Vincent Moon for La Blogotheque)

Andrew Bird belts one out onstage at the 2008 festival. (Photo by Joe Long)

Kronos Quartet performs at the 2009 festival. (Photo by Meredith Melragon)

Bryce Dessner, So Percussion, Aron Buke & Gase team-up - May 27, 2015

Of late, Brassland has had our most Dessner-heavy release schedule in quite some time. There is the wonderful (and still fresh) Aaron Dessner production-work on This Is The Kitís new album Bashed Out ó the Bryce-curated indie-all star compilation MusicNOW: 10 Years ó and, just last week, Bryceís new solo album Music for Wood and Strings which, amazingly, was the Hot Shot Debut on this week's Billboard Classical chart!?! (That chart debut is even more amazing if you consider the fact that most of the Billboard "classical" chart is stuff like Lindsey Stirling's dubstep violin jams and ....continue....

Bryce Dessner records with Kronos Quartet, plays Carnegie Hall - November 05, 2013

The Nationalís Bryce Dessner is a man of a million projects, constantly generating material for his various musical identities, the latest of which is a new record, entitled Aheym for the Anti- label. Here, we actually see him sidestepping the guitar in favor of a string quartet and when we say STRING QUARTET we mean for it to be in all caps. Bryce has "gone big" and composed these pieces for one of the most widely-acclaimed contemporary classical ensembles out there, Kronos Quartet. Also a Brassland co-founder and member of Clogs, Bryce has been an indie rock ....continue....

Clogs play London, Bryce Dessner interviewed by Barbican - April 22, 2011

Yo London! What's up? We're sometimes jealous of your fine city. You get this; we get this. Basically, your royalty wears funny, interesting hats; our royalty has terrible hairpieces. It doesn't seem fair. Anyhoo, sometimes your city gets jealous of our city too, and a perfect example of that is the first weekend of May when the Barbican is inviting over a ton of New Yorkers to celebrate awesome New York composer Steve Reich. That celebration includes two performances by Brassland's own Clogs. And it also includes this great interview with a bunch of America's ....continue....

Bryce & Sufjan & Shara Sitting in a Tree - October 09, 2009

Last week on Pitchfork, one could find a strange plethora of Brassland-related stories detailing the various doings of Bryce Dessner, Sufjan Stevens, and My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden. We thought we'd compile them below for your convenience. The lead item was an announcement regarding Clogs' new song, titled "We Were Here," that features vocals from both Sufjan and Shara. Pitchfork's description was rather accurate: "an airy, delicately orchestrated affair with the voices of Stevens and Worden floating over a complicated bed of acoustic instruments." To listen to the previously unreleased jam, check out ....continue....

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