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Buke & Gass J-j-jam with Reggie Watts & Glenn Kotche from Wilco - June 27, 2011

A few weeks ago the very awesome radio program Radiolab presented a fun concert at New York University including a performance by our friends & your favorite new band, Buke & Gass. If you want to cut to the chase and hear the podcast, go here.

Now, the fact that the band appeared on this extremely popular NPR podcast is, weirdly enough, no big deal. They've already appeared on the show twice in the past. This time, however, host Jad "complicated last name" Abumrad also invited along drummer Glenn Kotche of Wilco, and the one-and-only Reggie Watts.

Since we've already started paraphrasing their description of the event we'll let them take it from here: "Their performances were recorded live at our Curious Sounds concert earlier this month in NYC. Radiolab is a deeply musical show--from Jad's scoring and sound design, to the way we tell stories. So we decided to devote a night to three musical acts who all share a sense of musical adventure and curiosity--and the ability to rock the rafters of any stage they step on. Genre-bending duo Buke & Gass kick the podcast off with a live performance of 'Your Face Left Before You'...a raucous song featuring Arone Dyer's fierce vocals, bass ukulele, and 'toe-bourine' (check out the picture below), and Aron Sanchez's driving, homemade guitar-bass. Up next, percussionist Glenn Kotche of Wilco performs 'Monkey Chant,' his retelling of the ancient Hindu epic the Ramayana--using different instruments in his drum kit to convey different characters. And after explaining how he once wrote a string quartet on the drums, he plays one more composition: 'Projections of What Might.' And finally, Reggie Watts...musician, comedian, stand-up-surrealist-beat-boxer-force-of-nature...takes command of the stage."

At the end, everyone got together for a big ol' jam. See a picture of the group hug that followed, above. Listen to the show below.

And, last but not least, here's a picture of the packed house right below that. New York rules sometimes, right?

Buke and Gase offer new song, USA, Irish & UK tour date(s) - August 29, 2014

Let's get the most fun part out of the way first: Buke and Gase have just posted their new song "Seam Esteem" to Bandcamp for free download. Grab it: "Seam Esteem" (Free download) by Buke and Gase "Seam Esteem" premiered on All Songs Considered. You can also stream it on their Soundcloud. I know what you're thinking: These announcements came out of the blue. What gives? Well, hopefully you're already one of the lucky internet browsers who caught wind of the their Soundcloud postings from March to June of this year, ....continue....

Buke and Gase debut video(s), play gigs in Asia, Tenn & NY - February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! There's good reason to open with that cheerily romantic greeting: We hear some people really love them some Buke and Gase. Take this news brief as a kind of rose bouquet to you, the B&G loving audience. But...psyche! Anyone expecting lovely smells or great new sounds will be sorely disappointed. The main sense that will be stimulated by this post is your eyes as we introduce two new viewing experiences, starting with this video for "Metazoa"—or perhaps we should call it a "video"? The band requested the only ....continue....

Buke and Gase return to Europe/UK for tour - July 26, 2013

Buke and Gase had an eventful summer. (That's short for "event full," get it. Ha ha ha -- someone stop us before we kill again...with jokes.) Anyhoo, having spent most of June tearing it up across the 'States alongside Tomahawk (complete with a stop in the nation’s capital opening for Animal Collective), the band is now headed “across the pond” to spread the love in Europe and the United Kingdom this August. Maybe you wanted to check out one of their shows in April, but were distracted by something less interesting like a wedding or ....continue....

Buke and Gase headline, open for Tomahawk and Animal Collective - April 09, 2013

Have you ever caught yourself awkwardly fist-pumping and shredding air guitar to General Dome? Don’t stop now. Alt-metal supergroup Tomahawk (featuring Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, Trevor Dunn, also of Mr. Bungle, Duane Denison of The Jesus Lizard, and John Stanier of Helmet and Battles) has asked Buke and Gase to join them for a series of shows in June. And to further demonstrate the genre-spanning power of Buke and Gase’s music, the band has also been asked to open for psychedelic indie heroes Animal Collective in Washington, DC. (DC is in for quite ....continue....

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